Why install an artificial lawn?

Here are ten great reasons to consider the benefits of a Namgrass lawn from The Elite Lawn Company.

Ten great reasons to come to us…


1. Looks and feels like the real thing – The products we recommend and install not only deliver the very best in terms of quality but also offer the most natural look and feel. The range of products available from the Elite Lawn Company is designed to satisfy everyone’s needs: light-coloured grass, darker shades, long pile, short pile, and so on… No matter which product you choose, you can be assured you’re getting the very best, most natural-looking artificial grass on the market.

2. Minimal maintenance – There’s no such thing as zero maintenance, especially in the garden. But the artifical grass products installed by THe Elite Lawn Company require minimal maintenance. Keeping it clean by removing soil, twigs and other unwanted stuff from time to time and giving it the occasional once-over with a stiff brush, plastic rake or garden blower/vac is usually all that’s required to keep your lawn in tip-top condition. If you find any stains or pet mess, you can usually get rid of them quickly and easily using warm water with washing up liquid and a brush followed up with a hose down. (Oil-based marks are easily removed with white spirit and a cloth.) The use of special artificial grass cleaner is also recommended if pet mess is a regular occurence.

3. Child safe – All the artificial grass products installed by The Elite Lawn Company are suitable for children as well as being safe for pets. The soft natural feel of Namgrass, for example, lends itself to children’s play areas, and you’ll never need to worry about muddy feet again!

4. Pet friendly – All our artificial grass products are pet friendly, although we recommend pet owners opt for a medium to shorter pile (20-32mm pile height) for best results.

5. Resistant to fading or discolouration in the sun – The Elite Lawn Company’s artificial grass products are all fully UV stabilised and are backed with a 10 year warranty. You should experience no fade or discolouration issues.

6. Long lasting – The life expectancy of any artificial grass very much depends on its usage but in a typical domestic garden environment, products installed by The Elite Lawn Company should last around 15 to 20 years.

7. Comprehensive, 10-year warranty cover – All the products we install are covered against UV destabilisation (colour fading) and rot for ten whole years.

8. Can be installed pretty much anywhere – We can install artificial grass lawns just about anywhere, even over mounds or slopes.

9. Unaffected by weed roots and moles – The artificial grass products we install consist of a very strong woven ‘scrim’ that (coupled with their latex backing and a strong weed membrane) makes for an extremely tough surface that virtually eliminates weed and mole issues.

10. With our background in landscape gardening and Namgrass approved status, you can trust us to do it right – The Elite Lawn Company’s founders are qualified, highly experienced landscape gardeners with an unrivalled reputation for quality and value for money. Who better to install your new artificial Namgrass lawn?

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How your beautiful Namgrass lawn is made…

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