Artificial grass? Or the real thing?

You’ll be hard pressed to tell the difference with a Namgrass lawn from The Elite Lawn Company.

No mess. No mud. No mowing.

Say goodbye to hard labour with a Namgrass artificial lawn from The Elite Lawn Company.

No Watering. No Weeding. No feeding.

Maintaining a beautiful artificial lawn is a breeze with Namgrass from The Elite Lawn Company.

Child safe. Pet friendly.

Artificial grass installed by the Elite Lawn Company is suitable for pets and safe for children.

No fading. Guaranteed 10 years.

A realistic, natural appearance that looks great all year round for up to 25 years.

Consider the benefits…

Have you ever thought about the advantages of installing an artificial lawn? Just imagine… A durable, yet lovely lawn, all year round. No worn patches or slippery, muddy areas. Only very light maintenance required, so you can put your rake and your lawn mower on ebay and put your feet up. No more moss and weeds, so so those expensive, environmentally harmful chemical treatments can stay on the gardening centre’s shelf. And no more worries about hose-pipe bans!

An impossible dream? No… Ask our customers!

We’re The Elite Lawn Company from Banbury in the Heart of England. We install the market-leading range of Namgrass artifical lawns throughout the south Midlands – in Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire, Warwickshire, Berkshire and Gloucestershire.

We invite you to explore the artificial lawn possibilities outlined here. You’ll find the Namgrass range offers plenty of great options. To order, ask questions or request samples, please click here to get in touch.

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See how your beautiful Namgrass lawn is made…

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Take a look at the comprehensive range of Namgrass lawn products available from The Elite Lawn Company.

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Why a Namgrass lawn installed by us?

Check out these ten great reasons why you should consider the benefits of a Namgrass lawn from The Elite Lawn Company.